Fatigue and Tiredness After a Stroke

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Fatigue and Tiredness After a Stroke

As I am writing this post I am roughly 8.5 years post stroke so keep that in mind. I still have fatigue. So thinking back one of my questions I would repeat often while in the rehab facility was: “what time is it?” When I would ask I would ask it three or more times all within a minute or so. I am guessing that I was repeating myself like that because of the damage my brain had endured through the stroke. What’s more important was why I was asking this question. The reason was because all day through all of my therapy what I looked forward to the most was going back to my room so I could sleep.

My stroke was in December of 2008, after two weeks in Redwood City, five weeks in acute care Vallejo, and about month at my mother’s house, my wife and I found ourselves moving in to our current house on Valentines Day of 2009. I was still on several medications and sleeping about 3/4 of the day if not more. I was waking up to eat and use the restroom.

Fast forward to now (there is much between) when I’m tired my body let’s me know. I lose balance more easily, I begin to see double, I drool, etc.

I have continuously pushed myself through therapy to this day. Often on average 2 days per week I commute to or from work on my bike 20 miles.

Visit my gym as I have time. I started working last May as an Information Systems Analyst for the California State Controllers Office. In addition I have my own business:




At my day job I recently switched to a 9-8-80 schedule, the 9 hour days are often harder to get through, but get every other Friday off and It is well worth it. I get lots done that I would not have the opportunity for otherwise.

Any questions about my experiences with Fatigue and Sleep please leave them in the comments and I will do my best to answer them.

In addition I am doing a fundraiser please check it out: www.yourdonationplease.com

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Equipment thats “new to me” at the gym (SPRI)

SPRI Step 360 Pro

I am very excited that I happened to find this piece of equipment at the gym yesterday. I was so excited that I came back to the gym at 5:00am this morning to take some video and share it with “the world.” Right now with this equipment I’m not working on strength or cardio (although both can be done). I’m concentrating on balance. In the video below, I am using my upper body while trying to balance on the flat black surface (looking at the black surface you will notice how much it “shakes”). There are several ways you can use this equipment to work on balance. The reason I like it so much is because its a lot easier than the half dome. To see what else I did this morning with this contraption you can click on this link to view my videos on Instagram (IG). I also suggest following me on IG if you have an account (@strokerecovery). Quick facts: 795,000 people suffer a stroke in the U.S. every year, that’s one every 40 seconds. 3/4 of strokes occur in people over the age of 65.