Assigning custom keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Word

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Assigning custom keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Word

Today a Client of mine sparked an interest in me finally looking this up. You know how they say, “you learn something new every day?” Well today I have learned something new. Its not that I ever doubted that there were the capabilities to do it, but I myself or any of my customers have never needed to use it. For my customer (a writer) say he edits his novel(s) 300 of the 360 days per year two times per day, and each time he makes 4 corrections and each one without the shortcut key takes 5 seconds. Now, I did take quite a bit of Calculus to earn my degree in computer science, but that’s not needed to figure out that using this shortcut alone he will save 13 hours and 20 minutes within the year.

Directions: (In short) *Visual step by step instructions

1. Open word and type some text

2. Highlight the text and press “Ctrl” + ‘D’

For this example we will be creating a shortcut for the strikethrough option (which is not a default shortcut in word)

3. Press “Ctrl” + “Alt” + ‘+’ then click the strikethrough option

4. One the next window choose your desired “custom” shortcut key

5. Press “Assign”, “Close” and “OK”

Now you get to test your shortcut!

For further instructions or more detailed visual instructions follow this link.











Customer Testimonial

Thank you again for your help, both for your site visits as well as today’s remote session.  One thing I really appreciate, in addition to your knowledge and patience, is your ability to explain what you are doing to help, either when resolving an issue my computer has or when suggesting different improvements to my Microsoft Word and other Office software …especially shortcuts.  Wow! the shortcut you showed me this morning is going to make writing —and especially editing—  documents much more simple.  As I explained to you, certain Word actions require multiple, time consuming steps, one after the other, when I am editing.  This can sure interfere with the flow of ideas.  When I can just hit a key and accomplish the same thing, I can get right back on track with the communication I am attempting to create.  That is always a good thing.

Anyway, when I get back to developing one- and two-day training workshops, I’ll be looking for your help with MS PowerPoint too.  I am at the point where I am getting more ambitious with the presentations, and I anticipate I’ll be wanting to add audio and video to the PowerPoint slides to make them more effective.  Eventually, I would like some to be interactive.  Before this, I wasn’t sure how I would be able to accomplish it, but now I am looking forward to working with you on PowerPoint.

In the meantime, thanks again for your expertise that you have shared.  Your technical and personal skills, plus your very competitive rates, are a terrific combination.

T. D.