Password Issues with Email?

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Password Issues with Email?










So to calm your frustrations a bit, if lost and you think it may be impossible to recover your Yahoo password, just realize nothing is ever impossible… If you can get to the right screen you can enter an alternative email and or your telephone and Yahoo should get back to you within 24 hours.

Now for the explanation, Yahoo does not have a telephone support number. In fact neither do most other free email providers. The big three are Microsoft’s Hotmail (now called Windows Live Hotmail), Yahoo! Mail and Gmail, together accounting for well over 1 billion users. What it all boils down to is that if just 1% of Yahoo users lost their passwords that would be just over 3 million users. Although a large number of users recover their password via security questions, backup email accounts or by using mobile phone. There are still some that do not have this option.

Before you get upset, there is a perfectly good reason for this. Because of the high volume of fraud, Yahoo and others have a similar process. NEVER call a phone support number to get help with your email! This is only being done for your own protection. If you need help recovering your stuff you can always email or text, or cal me: 916.534.3245/

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Forget to logout of Facebook?

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View/Deactivate Individual Facebook Sessions

Every time you log in on Facebook, a session is created (a session in layman’s terms is an agreement made by the computer you are using and the host to communicate). Let me give an example of when I would want to go in and end a specific session:

Say I’m logged into Facebook on a publicly used computer in a library, hotel, etc. If I forgot to log out, someone could potentially go through and “snoop” in my account. Please follow the steps below to view and close sessions


(1) From the main screen click the down arrow in the upper right.

(2) Click Settings.

(3) on the left side click security.

(4) Click edit where it says “Where you’re logged in.”


The next screen will show you: all of your open sessions, when & where Facebook was last accessed, from which type of device Facebook was accessed, etc. You may end any individual session, or you may end them all at once (note: you will have to re login, but its kind of like rebooting your computer).