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Recently more than ever I have noticed little software companies are popping up all over the world. Weather they are selling  or re-selling computer software. Sometimes it may seem like they are scamming.  These companies tend to trick individuals into thinking they need additional software to keep themselves and their computers protected . This post is about a recent experience. Below are a couple screen shots so you can have an idea of what to look for.

While I was trying to dispute the charges I was put on hold for 45 minutes. This leads me to believe this company is not easy to work with.

Here is their contact information:

Toll Free 24/7 Phone: 855-481-7237
32 Gopal Tower, Gopal bari, Jaipur – 302001 Rajasthan (India)
(+91) 141-2362324







After closing the window above this one popped up:


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Computer/Phone Scams in General: Don’t be fooled!

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A number of my customers over the years have been taken advantage of by misleading people. Mostly, these people will impersonate being a legitimate representative from a large company, when in fact they are only trying to look for vulnerable people to fall for their tricks which can be very deceiving.  Even knowing what I know I have still accidentally given information out that I should not have, and right after it sinks in, it makes us feel horrible. Often this can be experienced online or over the phone or both. Their goal is usually to get personal information or money. These spammers or scammers are very capable nowadays, recently I have even heard of them calling and spoofing their phone number so it says on the caller ID that it is the police. The rule of thumb that can be used is to never give anyone information if it is an inbound phone call. Get their name, ID number and company name and then tell them you will return their phone call. At this point you would hangup and get the main number for this company and describe to them the phone call which you received. Typically when they are on the phone they will make it sound very urgent and that something needs to be done right at that moment.

If at any time someone wants to remote into your computer, unless you personally know who it is I highly advise against it.

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Top 12 Online Holiday Scams According to McAfee











McAfee Security company has compiled a list of the top 12 holiday scams online shoppers may see this holiday season.

The company warns that cyber security threats heighten during the holiday season as consumers unknowingly share personal data across their devices, such as a mobile phone or tablet.

Among them are the more common ones, like fake shipping emails in your inbox and bogus gift cards.

But some on the list may be more surprising:

Fake shipping notification emails
Too good to be true deals asking for personal information
Donations to fake charities
Not checking credit card statement
Malware accessing your mobile devices
Verify e-cards you receive
Avoid fake low airfare online ads
Personal information request phone calls
ATM skimming
“Year in Review” links
Leaving your smart phone unattended
Free USB giveaway Drives
For more information on each type of scam, you can see the list here.