Never Pay for AntiVirus

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Never Pay for AntiVirus

They say “never say never” but this time there’s an exception. As ┬ápart of ┬áthe Internet service with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) usually you are entitled to free Antivirus. During the week of January 20th, 2010 Symantec struck a deal and teamed up with Comcast (xfinity), which allowed their Internet subscribers to have access to full featured Antivirus software (for up to five devices). Over the last few years I must have all together saved my clients at minimum of $1,500 by sharing with them this “secret.” As Comcast has offered this service, AT&T & Surewest have followed.

If you need help setting up Antivirus on your computer please give me a call (Matt – 916.534.3245). When I’m done you will be rest assured your computer will be protected. I will guarantee a correct installation, check your system for other protection related issues, setup weekly scans, etc (by default most and antivirus software runs a quick scan once a week, but I recommend a full scan once a week). This service can be done remotely. Additionally most know this but some are unaware, having antivirus does not make your computer bulletproof, but part of the services I provide include information on avoiding future occurrence of infection.

If your an advanced user you may reference the videos below on downloading and installing Norton from Comcast, but you will have to play around a little or research how to setup weekly schedules.

Part One:

Part Two: