Proper Keyboard and Mouse Ergonomics

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Proper Keyboard and Mouse Ergonomics

Over my career in working with computers, I have used quite a few keyboards. I have also used numerous amounts of customer’s keyboards. In addition I have seen the ergonomic practices of many both at home and on the job. For several years my dad has worked as a rehabilitation counselor, sometimes he does ergonomic assessments. I will share with you what I have learned both from my father and from doing some research.

The biggest problem I have is that as far back as I can remember, keyboards have had those flip up stands in the back. When those stands are in use they tilt the back of the keyboard up higher than the front. But if your aware of proper ergonomics you will know that the keyboard should actually be tilted the opposite way if at all. It is best not to be able to see wrinkles on the top of your wrist. If you see them perhaps you are putting too much strain on your hands while typing and this can lead to carpel tunnel. If your using a flat keyboard you can purchase a memory foam keyboard palm support. I also suggest these for your mouse. You will find that there are many other ergonomic options if you do a little research. My father often recommends to his clients some kind “Wave” Keyboard. I have a Goldtouch keyboard at my house. Both my keyboard at home and the Wave keyboard are shown below.