Get Rid of your Comcast Modem Rental Fee, Forever!

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Get Rid of your Comcast Modem Rental Fee, Forever!


Some of you may have noticed that their modem rental fee from Comcast is creeping up, the current cost is $10.00 per month. If you would like to avoid this monthly charge I can help you purchase the correct modem an install it. This means after one year your modem and the installation could* be paid for. After replacement I will verify that the rental fee is removed from your account and drop off the old equipment for you.

All I would need from you is a copy of your bill, and about a half hour of your time. Please call me to start this process 916.534.3245.

*this charge includes a basic modem, and may be  a little higher based on your needs.


Best Buy Link for standard cable modem:

link to modem at best buy

Once installed, activate your modem here:

Comcast phone number:


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Should you use email provided by your ISP?



A close friend of both my wife and I inspired me to write this blog post today. In one way or another, in her case Comcast dropped her account, therefore she lost access to her email, even once re-establishing the account they are unable to retrieve things. So not only did she lose the email account she lost her saved email addresses and contacts that she had compiled for over 10 years. Unfortunately, I see this happen all to often and this is just an example, this occurs across the board with ALL Internet Service Providers (ISPs). If you are currently using an email account through your ISP I suggest first backing up your address book, you can call me or also if you chose, I believe ISPs will explain to you how to do this over the phone. I suggest to most people what I call an indirect host for email (ie.,,, etc. ). An email from your ISP being direct (ie.,,, etc.). There is a process which I suggest for switching over, but that may be on a different blog post on a different day if people are interested.

As always call me if you have trouble (916.534.3245) or would like more details. I have a facebook business page that I would ask that you “Like” if you found this blog post helpful (also please suggest it to your friends!): I can remotely help people anywhere in the world with internet, but currently I am limited by the English language. Thank you!