Ride to Awareness

I’m excited to be riding to raise awareness of MENTAL HEALTH. In September I will be participating in my fist ride across a state line. I will begin with a team of riders starting in San Diego, CA and ride to Phoenix, AZ. The group will be continuing on across America, and end in St. Augustine, FL. For more information please visit: http://www.ridetoawareness.org

This cause is near and dear to my family, friends and heart. Which is why it means so much to me to participate in this event.

One out of four American families has a relative who has a mental illness. For more facts about mental illness please visit the National Alliance of Mental Illness (N.A.M.I.) website: http://www.nami.org

Please see the links below foe more facts and statistics on mental illness:



Update October 7th, 2015

I was able to complete the roughly 417 mile journey with over 14,000 feet of climbing in 6 days. Some great friendships were made, some of my family were able to travel, all along the way I had the support of my wife and it was a great experience.

My Ride To Awareness Bio

Pictures from the event

http://mdccomputersolutions.com/?p=620 links to pictures

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Marilyn D

October 13, 2015 at 11:02 am

This is a great cause are you going to be doing it next year?

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