Hi my name is Matt Cardoza. As the owner of MDC Computer Solutions I strive to provide excellent service at a reasonable rate. I am a firm believer in charging people only for a service that meets needs and expectations. In the majority of cases I surpass that expectation. Because of that I guarantee all work 100%.

Growing up through college:

I was born in Sacramento, CA in January of 1979. I grew up in Carmichael. I started my entrepreneurship dreams at a young age, a friend and I had a very successful lawn mowing business. There was a point where we expanded beyond our immediate area and we would tow the mower and weed eater behind a bike. In addition to mowing lawns we painted addresses in peoples curbs out by the street and hung Christmas lights. I attended Happy Owl per-school, Deterding Elementary, Star King middle school, El Camino Fundamental High school. Sierra College, American River College and graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science from California State University, Sacramento.

My interest in computers:

My interest in computers began as a freshman in high school. My first computer was an IBM Windows 3.1 PC with a 173 Megabyte hard drive. I have many fond memories playing computer games and chatting on Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) with that same friend I mowed lawns with as a child. First time I remember being blown away playing Wolfenstein 3D (literally I flew back out of my chair when the guy jumped out from around the corner yelling in German) Throughout high school I was quite the “gamer,” but upon graduation realized that I had to give up games to be successful.

How I got my start:

Once I turned 16, I worked as a dish washer, bus boy, bagel baker, among other positions and side jobs. After high school I had several jobs that I like to call “motivational” jobs because they motivate you to do well and stay in school. As I worked at these jobs I began to realize that I knew enough to get a job in the computer field and I could make decent money and I really enjoyed learning new technologies (The computer field never sleeps, things are always changing). I soon realized the endless possibilities I would have with technology.

After a few jobs (Computer Lab Technician at Sierra College in Rocklin, CA, Computer Programmer at RobbJack Corporation in Lincoln, CA) I first decided to try my hand at self employment in the computer field. I began just helping friends and relatives, but I mainly have to credit the most tech savvy grandmother I know (Grandma Nancy – My grandmother [she just turned 84 in September of 2014]), after I helped her with her computer she told all of her friends how patient I was and that I could help them. From that point on my phone never had a lack of use.  My business was founded on tutoring and helping seniors with their computers, to this date I enjoy working with Seniors and over the years my ability to help them has only improved. Besides providing computer support to residential customers I have worked as a consultant for many businesses in the greater Sacramento area.

Take care my friends and I  I hope you will come to me regarding your technical needs, and I look forward to working with you.

Matt D. Cardoza

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