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Below you will find links to where people have reviewed my business. The majority of my business is from word of mouth, I do very little advertising. Which means I would love your interaction on social media with my business (sharing posts, asking questions, etc.), referrals, and for you to leave me reviews. Any links below take you to external sites where you can not only look at reviews but you leave your own. I appreciate it very much, thank you 🙂

Facebook: To view my reviews on Facebook please click here. While your there make sure you “Like” MDC Computer Solutions, give me a blue thumbs up and you will, once in a while get computer news, tips, tricks, giveaways virus alerts and discounts in your news feed.

Yelp: To view my reviews on Yelp please click here. Many of my reviews on Yelp have been filtered out for one reason or another, to see more once your on my Yelp page please click: “reviews that are not currently recommended.”

YouTube: To view my YouTube channel click here. On my YouTube channel there are reviews mixed in with “how-to videos” please feel free to view and or become a subscriber!

Instagram: To see short 15 second video clips of people who I have done work for click here. If you post a review of my services please tag @mdccomputersolutions, thank you 🙂

Google Plus: To view my Google Plus account click here.

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Marilyn D

October 13, 2015 at 10:54 am

Always very helpful and patient, thank you so much!

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