Fishing w/Chad 11/15/14

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Fishing w/Chad 11/15/14

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It was nice to get out, my motor had something going on so it is currently in the shop but we still managed to have a great morning. It turned out to be a beautiful day. Chad showed me a new spot to launch the boat. Next time when the motor is working properly we plan to do some trolling.

My 12 foot fishing boat on the ramp:20141115_063000

Glass… perfect wakeboarding water, to bad the speed limit it 5mph:


 Chad setting up the minnow trap:


 New Folsom bridge:20141115_080800
 New Folsom bridge:20141115_082240
 No trespassing… End of the line. Folsom prison:20141115_085758
 My favorite picture of the day:20141115_092229
 Two bridges plus reflection:20141115_094248
 What a nice day:20141115_110905
Still don’t know how I managed to get us both in the shot:20141115_111509
 We had some motor trouble but when it was working it was all about style:Telstra Stadium

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