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Unblock cut & paste option in a web browser

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Link to full article for doing this task in all browsers:

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Recently more than ever I have noticed little software companies are popping up all over the world. Weather they are selling  or re-selling computer software. Sometimes it may seem like they are scamming.  These companies tend to trick individuals into thinking they need additional software to keep themselves and their computers protected . This post is about a recent experience. Below are a couple screen shots so you can have an idea of what to look for.

While I was trying to dispute the charges I was put on hold for 45 minutes. This leads me to believe this company is not easy to work with.

Here is their contact information:

Toll Free 24/7 Phone: 855-481-7237
32 Gopal Tower, Gopal bari, Jaipur – 302001 Rajasthan (India)
(+91) 141-2362324







After closing the window above this one popped up:


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Password Issues with Email?










So to calm your frustrations a bit, if lost and you think it may be impossible to recover your Yahoo password, just realize nothing is ever impossible… If you can get to the right screen you can enter an alternative email and or your telephone and Yahoo should get back to you within 24 hours.

Now for the explanation, Yahoo does not have a telephone support number. In fact neither do most other free email providers. The big three are Microsoft’s Hotmail (now called Windows Live Hotmail), Yahoo! Mail and Gmail, together accounting for well over 1 billion users. What it all boils down to is that if just 1% of Yahoo users lost their passwords that would be just over 3 million users. Although a large number of users recover their password via security questions, backup email accounts or by using mobile phone. There are still some that do not have this option.

Before you get upset, there is a perfectly good reason for this. Because of the high volume of fraud, Yahoo and others have a similar process. NEVER call a phone support number to get help with your email! This is only being done for your own protection. If you need help recovering your stuff you can always email or text, or cal me: 916.534.3245/

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Online Antivirus & Spyware Scanner

This software Is very good for running an online Antivirus & Spyware scan. Trend Micro HouseCall has been rated 4/5 stars by CNET. You may use this link to run a scan.

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Avoiding Windows 10 Forced Temptations to Upgrade

The link below is for downloading a tool; this is a tool one that I use for business purposes. I am not responsible for the improper use of it. Please do your research and investigate before using 🙂

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New Computer Setup Checklist

-Install software (only one at a time):
-Microsoft Office 2007,
-MalwareBytes (free download from,
-Antivirus Software,
-Comcast offers Norton AV free (call Comcast/xfinity support: 1 (800) 934-6489),
-Consolidated offers Kaspersky AV free,
-If the customer has U-Verse from AT&T  McAfee AV is free,
-Setup full weekly scan,
-Verify Adobe Reader & Flash install
-Show user how bookmarks can be added to the bookmarks toolbar and menu
-Explain to them the difference,


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Darik’s Boot And Nuke

There is a good software I would recommend for people that are looking to remove data from hard drives it is called Darik’s Boot And Nuke below you will find the link to read more information and to download it. You will have to download the ISO image and create some form of bootable media.

Click here for more download info.

Dan C 2TB ~18:oohrs data overwritten 31 times.

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Apple Macintosh Antivirus Scoop

According to Tom’s Hardware with all of the spyware and malware threats we face online nowadays even Apple computers need protection. After their review and vigorous testing of several products they decided that Avira was their recommendation. This product is also available for your mobile devices.

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Web Filtering Software Reviewed


K9 Web Protection

I usually recommend a free solution before a paid solution for software. In some cases where there is not a suitable free solution I will just skip that option rather than recommend one that I have not used myself.  In this case K9 Web Protection is a software that I have used and trusted for years. The software can be downloaded and installed from From the link previously mentioned you can read more about the product as well. In summary it works on both Mac and Windows platforms and is now available for iOS and Android. K9 Web Protection is free for home use. You can also purchase a license to use K9 Web Protection for business, government, non-profit, or other use. If you have more than one computer at home you will have to follow these instructions to get additional licenses

Some of the many features:

  • Block web sites in more than 70 categories, including pornography, gambling, drugs, violence/hate/racism, malware/spyware, phishing
  • Force SafeSearch on all major search engines
  • Set time restrictions to block web access during designated times
  • Configure custom lists for “always allow” and “always block”
  • Override a web page block with password
  • Trust the enhanced anti-tampering, even children can’t break
  • View easy reports to monitor and control web activity
  • Real-time categorization of new adult and malicious sites
  • Best free parental controls software/internet filter available

Other Options

So, you tried the above mentioned option and it did not quite work out for you? At this point you can uninstall and try another solution, no expenditures but your time have been spent. And if you think about it, even your time was well spent because now you have a better idea of what you want.

Paid Solutions

As far as paid web filtering software I mostly have used Net Nanny which happens to be ranked #1 on a popular review site for 2014. If you would like to read more details please follow this link: These reviews are based on: ease of use, ease of installation, feature set & filtering effectiveness.